Our Green Tips – 5 Natural Tips for Brighter Hair

Your hair is dull, lacking in radiance and it is depressing you? Follow our green tips to boost their natural shine.

  1. Space the shampoos. Like a lot of people, you get used to washing your hair every day. Without being harmful, this daily gesture can be the cause of the lack of shine of your hair, especially if you use a shampoo not adapted to the state of your scalp and your lengths. Start by washing them every other day, then every third day, until you have two weekly shampoos. If you like to get them back in shape every day, you can adopt the principles of low poo and just wet them with clear water and / or add a little conditioner before rinsing them and pre-moisturizing them. towel dry. Another solution that, in addition, will save you water: alternating classic shampoo and dry shampoo. Be careful, always brush the lengths carefully to eliminate all the residues of products!
  2. A vinegar rinse. Limestone water is the worst enemy of hair shine. A simple trick, not expensive and that works: add a little cider vinegar in the last rinse water (count a measure of vinegar for two measures of water). It is effective on all types of hair, whether colored or natural, oily or dry.
  3. Cold water. If you do not have vinegar on hand, finish the shampoo by rinsing the hair in cold water. Really very cold! It takes a little courage, especially in winter, but it works! The scales of the hair are tightened and the surface of the hair returns better light, hence more shine every time!
  4. A guaranteed glow mask. Mix four teaspoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Put the mask on the washed hair, from roots to ends. Leave ten minutes. Rinse. It shines !
  5. Opt for the right accessory. A hundred brush strokes each night for more shine, it’s time wasted if you do not have the right brush. The zero risk option is the boar bristle brush. But if you do not have the budget for this investment, a nylon bristle brush can do the trick, especially if you have thick hair.